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Empower Your Workforce with Smart Tech Enablement

How Even Good Tech Can Cripple Your Employees (and What to Do About It)

On Average Employees Waste 44 Hours Per Year Struggling with Technology

Imagine this: you wake up eager to conquer your workday, but you can’t get your software to do what you need. You spend the next hour troubleshooting, waiting for support replies, and deciphering confusing instructions.

Sounds like a productivity nightmare, right? Sadly, this tech purgatory is a reality for countless employees. According to WalkMe™’s State of Digital Adoption 2024, this technology challenge costs companies a staggering 353 working hours per year – that’s almost two months!

The brutal truth: enterprise leaders often overestimate their tech efficiency, believing they use just 21 applications. The reality? Large companies juggle a whopping 211 on average, and smaller ones still deal with 69. Now, imagine navigating that digital jungle without proper support.

You can empower your employees!

Let’s equip you with a battle plan to empower your employees and reclaim those lost days. Get ready to unlock efficiency, boost morale, and watch your bottom-line soar!

  1. Map the Journey: Forget generic training. Dive deep with your employees, to understand their daily workflows and identify their pain points. What tools hinder them? Which ones help? Recommend the right tech for each task, creating a personalized toolkit, not a one-size-fits-all mess.
  1. Blend it Up: Don’t force-feed training methods. Instead, offer a buffet of learning options. Think micro-learning videos, interactive simulations, collaborative workshops, and self-paced online courses. Cater to different learning preferences and schedules, and keep it engaging!
  1. Get Everyone Onboard: This isn’t a solo mission. Secure buy-in from key stakeholders, from the C-suite to IT. Communicate the benefits, address concerns. Think executive video messages, email campaigns, and even live Q&A sessions.Then embed individual champions from different departments and groups. So they can evangelize and get their teammates and the entire organization excited about the transformation.
  1. Speak Their Language: Don’t bombard them with tech jargon. Translate features and benefits into clear, job-specific language. Show them how the new tools directly impact their success and make their lives easier.
  1. Prioritize Like a Pro: Don’t try to tackle everything at once. Identify the high-impact technologies used by the most employees and focus your initial efforts there. This ensures quick wins and keeps momentum high.
  1. In-App Adventures: Make navigating complex software a breeze with in-app tours and contextual hints. Platforms like WalkMe™ and help users discover features seamlessly, reducing frustration and boosting adoption. (See Zenya’s list of Education tools)
  1. Learn at Your Own Pace: Let employees upskill on their terms with comprehensive, self-paced online courses. Cater to different learning preferences and schedules, offering bite-sized modules, interactive assessments, and gamified elements to keep things engaging. (See examples by Zenyav)
  1. Collaboration is Key: Foster learning with instructor-led workshops, which can be virtual and / or in-person. This allows teammates to practice tasks together, ask questions, and work out workflows collaboratively. Encourage knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer support.

Remember, empowering your employees isn’t just about fancy tools; it’s about fostering a culture of learning and support. By implementing these strategies, you’ll unlock hidden potential, transform your workforce, and reclaim those precious 44 days (and counting!). Now go forth and conquer that tech purgatory!

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