Customer Education

Train Your Customers To Grow Your Business with a Holistic Education & Adoption Program


Zenya builds Enablement Programs that Amplify Your Customers’ Success.

Your Customer Onboarding

just isn’t working.

Even though you have a Getting Started Guide, videos and sometimes you provide one-on-one (white-glove) support, you still have…

Low Activation Rates

  • Not enough users are activating after going live.

High Churn Rates

  • Customers aren’t renewing.

Too Many Support Tickets

  • Customer Support is overwhelmed with questions.


Is your company like the 14% of

companies surveyed

who found that

Customer Training

Product Adoption
& Usage

  • 27%


Lowers Cost
to Acquire

  • 17%


  • 16%

We’re here to help you with:

Customer Education Strategy

Know exactly what user enablement strategy and technology to implement next.

Curriculum Development

Give your users effective learning opportunities at the right time.

User Change Management

Help teams to adopt the software quickly and at scale.

Our Mission

Your success is ours. Our mission is to deliver
Education programs that scale user adoption
and drive your company’s success.

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