Training for Software

Customer Success’s Education Partner

Training Customers to Use Software

Train your customers to succeed with your software. Let Zenya Learning help you develop scalable training to enable your users to get the results they demand from your software.

Training is a keystone in the customer success journey from prospects to advanced users. Zenya Learning can work with your team to design a scalable Customer Education program that helps everyone from prospective customers to advanced users who want certification. We’ll work with you to create a program that helps you help your customers take full advantage of your SaaS application.

Training Strategy

As your company grows the Customer Success team will need to scale their efforts. Zenya Learning will work with your Customer Success and Implementation Teams to design a Customer Education strategy that will get your customers achieving their goals with your software while freeing your team to focus on implementations, building customer relationships, and other long-term strategy efforts.


The Process

Phase I: Analysis

Review material and interview SMEs for answers to:

  • What is the problem the product solves?
  • Who is the customer? Who is the user?
  • What is the current onboarding and customer training process?
  • What learning resources currently exist?

Phase II: Design

Determine Strategy, Formats, Process, and Design

  • What types of educational formats to develop
  • What sequence of development to follow
  • What tools / platforms will be used
  • Develop:
    • Training Development Plan
    • Project Plan(s)
    • Change Management Plan
    • Evaluation Plan


Phase III: Develop

Develop in phases:

  • Training material
  • Training platforms
  • Training material for
    • In-app tours
    • Instructor-led training (in-person/virtual)
    • Videos
    • eLearning simulations
    • Certifications

Phase IV: Implement

Implement and Deliver:

  • Platforms
  • Beta and general release courses
  • Change Management process


Phase V: Evaluate

Evaluate for:

  • Return On Investment
  • Customer achieving their goals
  • Changes in Support Tickets
  • Time for User Adoption / Success
  • Reduction in Churn
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