GS101: L1-01 Google Applications

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Lesson 1: Google Applications

Google Drive® and Google Sheets®

Google® is best known as a popular Internet search engine. With a Google account, you have access to many other free functions, such as the Google Drive® apps, which allow you to create, store and share files online (in the Cloud) or offline, Google Sheets®, the spreadsheet component of the suite, allows you to add, share and analyze data, and create graphs.

Google Drive

Google Drive serves multiple functions. Primarily, it is a cloud storage tool, which allows you to store and share most electronic files, including pictures and documents created in other applications. It can also be the starting point to create new Google files, such as documents, spreadsheets and slide presentations.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet program, which allows you to organize information and data in tables.

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